I grew up in Pennsylvania, studied Cello Performance at the University of Michigan, 

received a B.Mus. in Cello Performance from Boston University and a M.Mus. in Cello 

Performance from the University of Maryland. My teachers have included Peter 

Kucirko,Samuel Mayes, George Neikrug and Evelyn Elsing. 

Over forty years of performing, I've served as principal cellist for the Washington Concert 

Opera as well as principal and section cellist for orchestras at the National Cathedral, 

Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap. 

Additionally, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to perform in chamber concerts at the 

Smithsonian, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Phillips Collection as well as in pit 

orchestras in Ford’s Theatre, the Shakespeare Theatre, Signature Theatre and National 

Theatre. Arena Stage (where I've performed as a member of the pit orchestra for 17 

productions over 25 years) will always feel like a second home.                                                                       

My musical focus is now teaching. I'm an Adjunct Instructor of Music at the Northern 

Virginia Community College (Alexandria, VA campus), member of the cello faculty at the 

Washington Conservatory of Music (Bethesda, MD) and private instructor in Alexandria, 

VA. I will be teaching at Day Violins beginning in 2019.

The 40 Etudes for cello, which I’ve both written and self-published, was inspired by my 

students and their need for something challenging but not as long as Dotzauer. Plus, it 

was time for an update in the musical language. Maybe more etudes will be coming in 

the future! These are all in first position, but don’t let that fool you. They are challenging 

even while being fun.

I also have a computer graphics certificate from the Corcoran School of Art which has 

helped me get into my online art projects and shops. Initially I marketed myself as 

SwimMuse but I’ve expanded beyond swim art, so I’m slowing phasing out the name.

You’ll still find it places!

Swimming has changed my life. While I always loved it, I took it up seriously after 9/11.

It kept my sanity.  I am proud to have  completed the Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 mile 

swim and the Lake Tahoe relay, among other fun adventures. I also coached 

swimming and taught Total Immersion swimming for a number of years. I practice 

Iyengar Yoga as well.

The Brudvig household includes myself, Alan and three cats. 


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