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 I’ve started teaching at the Northern Virginia

Community College in Alexandria, VA. The first semester was terrific! I 

taught a world music based music appreciation course which involved 

as much learning for me as for my students! 

Some adult cello students have started using the etudes and I’m 

getting positive feedback. I’m using the etudes for adults and kids. Be 

ready to give your students a chance to learn them as written and then 

experiment with bowings, dynamics or even changing notes. There’s a 

lot they can enjoy and learn in the process.

Above is one of my "etude inspiration kids." He and I were working on Etude #17.

Another "etude inspiration kid” working on Etude#10. There’s a little rhythmic improv. in measure 4 which creates a great opportunity to talk about what the student is seeing, playing, hearing, and imagining. 



New swim art is up: 


I also have returned to CafePress:



And it’s back into the pool after a 

semester of teaching and no 


I’ve kept the Iyengar 

yoga classes going thoughout the

busy winter season and am 

really happy about it! We students

from Unity Woods will miss

Lori but wish her and her family 

well in their move to California. 


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